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If you use VLC, Android, Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, Kodi … then need to use an M3U file. If you do not already have an account to use IPTV, please sign up for a free 48h trial or contact us for the best support.

Please select the right device you use in the account registration, M3U file and EPG file will be sent to your email immediately after registration. In case of multiple devices then you need to contact Skype for the fastest support …

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How to watch IPTV on Smart TV with IPTV Smarters player app

Today I will show you how to install the most popular application on smart tv call IPTV Smarters player. This app is free and available on LG smart tv stores and Samsung smart tv stores.

IPTV Smarters player application supports EPG as well as Pistons and grouping channel. It is very easy to set up too. Follow me.

You need:

– A smart tv connect to the internet
– An account with Stariptv. If you don’t have an account yet you can register to get 48 hours free trail

Step by step to get IPTV on Smart Tv after few minutes

Step 1: Install  IPTV Smarters player

First of all, go to the store of your  smart tv apps and look for the app or search IPTV  Smarters player app
This app has been added to the store later on LG smart TVs and Samsung.
Install the app on your tv. If it asks you to log in you can create a free account with the LG app store.

Step 2: Enter your info

There are 4 sections you need to fill your info in

Any name: you can enter any name
Username: Enter username of your line
Password: Enter the password of your line
Port: or

After that click on Add user and wait a few minutes to load the channel.

We have 10000+ live channels and more than 10000 VOD and series. You can check the series in the Movies section.

Now you can click on the Live TV section to see the channel list. Then you can start watching TV by selecting any channel.

You can Contact US on to get the username line and password line.

With the IPTV Smarters player app, you can use it on android device and iOs device too.

If you need any help feel free to contact us with chatbox on
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